Hosted Services

Our cloud-based hosted services offer voice and collaboration solutions for today’s dynamic organization and mobile workforce.

Enhance Your Business Communication with Hosted Services from FirstLight

Success in today’s business world requires staying seamlessly connected with employees, partners, and customers. FirstLight provides the right connectivity solutions that work for your business. Here’s why FirstLight is the right call for your organization:

  • A Modern Hosted Phone System – including new Cisco / Polycom phones, time-saving features and intuitive portals to help make management of your system easy!
  • Unified Communications like IM&P, video and voicemail. Create a collaborative team by giving them the tools they need to create rich communication experiences.
  • Support – With decades of voice experience, the team at FirstLight stands ready to help you get the most of your cloud-based communication solution.
  • Cost Effective Service – No need to spend precious capital buying a new phone system. Pay per month for the services you need, when you need them.
  • Future-Proof – We never stop upgrading to give you the latest and greatest features – and without changing the price!
  • Scalability – Not sure what your needs will be in a year? Don’t sweat it! FirstLight’s cloud communications solution grows as your business needs change.
  • High Quality Voice – When delivered over the FirstLight fiber optic backbone with its low latency and low tolerance for jitter and packet loss, you can be certain that your calls, videos and messages will be of the highest quality.
  • High Quality Video – Meet face-to-face with employees, customers or prospects. Learn more here…