Virtual Desktop in the Cloud

What happens to your company if a user loses a laptop containing sensitive data? How much of your IT budget is devoted to the labor and cost of desktop management? Do your end users feel empowered to work from anywhere on any device or do they suffer loss of productivity when their PC slows down or needs repair?

With FirstLight’s VDI solution, these issues are addressed and you eliminate the endless cycle of having to buy and upgrade PCs and provide labor-intensive support. With FirstLight’s VDI, devices become less important and easier to manage for IT.


Cost-Effective – Studies show that Desktop Infrastructure as a Service (DIaaS) and VDI can achieve a lower total cost of ownership by as much as 50%. Enjoy longer refresh cycles on laptops and PCs, or use more cost-effective thin clients. Reduce IT labor costs associated with help desk/ PC support.

Versatile – Support the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) while still controlling business applications and securing sensitive data. A virtual Windows desktop can be used on PCs, thin clients, tablets (including iPads) and even mobile devices.

Efficient – Reduce the countless PC support issues that bog down your help desk. Troubleshoot users’ desktop problems faster and easier, allowing your IT support staff and end users to get back to work quickly.


  • VDI platform is built in the FirstLight cloud by experienced engineers leveraging industry-leading VDI and application layering technology
  • Seamless integration with Windows AD and other FirstLight IaaS cloud solutions
  • Compatible with iPad, Android, HTML5 (browser), thin clients, old PCs/laptops etc.