Burlington, VT

FirstLight’s data center located in Burlington, VT provides the secure, reliable environment to support your business applications while providing access to a fiber-based high speed network for connections back to headquarters.

Ensure world-class enterprise security and business continuity for your mission critical business operations.

Our Burlington, VT data center is drivable from major cities (Boston, New York, Montreal), and minutes from the airport, complete with ample parking for easy loading/unloading.

Explore the benefits colocating in Vermont can have for your company.

Williston Data CenterData Center Specifications


  • SOC2 Type II Compliant


  • Carrier grade infrastructure
  • Redundant, diversely routed Internet connections up to 10 Gbps with available private peering to TVC’s Tier-2 Northeastern Network
  • Dedicated Private Line EPL, EVPL, and E-LAN (Protected or unprotected) connections up to 100 Gbps

Safety and Security

  • 24 × 7 × 365 environmental monitoring
  • 24 × 7 × 365 video monitoring
  • Dual factor access control
  • Fire Suppression System
  • 24×7 Unescorted Access (for authorized customers)
  • Individually locked cabinets and cages


  • A & B 208v AC power feeds, -48v DC
  • A & B UPS
  • Generator backup w/ 5 day fuel storage onsite
  • Full auto-transfer switching system active and tested
  • Monthly generator maintenance and testing


  • Up to 100 Gbps connectivity to FirstLight’s fiber optic network
  • Using a FirstLight data center reduces capital expenditures
  • Leverages the experience of our talented team, allowing you to avoid deployment and service headaches associated with building it yourself
  • Redundant infrastructure ensures a reliable networking, power, and physical environment
  • Cost effective business continuity solution
  • Space and power available to speed time to market
  • Choose full or half cabinets for an outsourced solution suited to your organization’s specific needs

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